Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baseball Days.... days and baseball nights!

But we LOVE it!

Jonas didn't make All-Star. 
He was a little bummed, but definitely enjoyed taking advantage of the "My momma said I could eat all the icee's I wanted so I wouldn't feel sad about not making All-Star" deal.  :)

Silas and Schumaker
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When did this happen?


As you can see, little brother was NOT too happy with his brother. 
They are being separated. 
Not fair according to Joe. 

Words cannot express how AWESOME it feels to be in the same building as your baby. 
Strange maybe, but I love it!!


Silas and his teacher
Thank you for a FANTASTIC first day!
Silas LOVES Kindergarten!!
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Happy Birthday!

Silas is 6! 
July 19, 2006 totally changed our lives forever! 
I never knew what real love was until I met you.
Happy Birthday, Silas Scott Howard.

Ok... So... We are NOT animal people.  But...I broke down and we have 3 kittens.  WHAT?  I know that is absolute crazy talk.  I do kinda like 'em though. Just a little. 
Their names:::::  Schumaker, Freese, and Fiona. 
Go Cards!  (And I named Fiona.)

I normally always try to have a treat at school for the boys on their birthdays.  This year, Silas wanted popsicles!  Easy enough for me!! 
 Silas decides to get UNDER the table while his friends sing Happy Birthday.  Really??

Silas has been "eyeing" this Captain America shield at Walmart for some time now.  Guess what his present was??  ;)

 Did I mention Silas made All-Stars this year? Well, he did!  We have been at the ballpark literally this summer.  Since tournament was the weekend of his birthday, we didn't have a party.  His birthday was on a practice night, so we had pizza for the team after practice!  :)
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Beach Bums 4

Ok. So I had all our vacation pictures organized and ready to post. Little did I would only upload 20 at a time. Needless to say, pictures are WAY out of any type of order, there are ZERO captions, but that is definitely ok! Pictures speak a thousand words.... xoxo
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Beach Bums 3

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