Sunday, May 27, 2012


The boys have had a BALL this weekend.  I have had a splitting headache for the past three days, so thankfully their daddy let them play in the sprinkler tonight! That was definitely the highlight of the weekend! Jason was out watering the yard, and the next thing I know, the boys were stripped down to their shorts and having a blast!  Of course I went out there and tried to sneak some pics, but I ended up getting drenched a couple of times as well! 

I love these little guys and their dad.
I love this nation, and I'm thankful for all the men and women who died so we could have a great life.
I love my Jesus, and I'm thankful that He died and rose again so we could have eternal life....

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

4th Sunday

4th Sunday aka Decoration at Church....

I have noticed all the old folks don't really call it decoration or's 4th Sunday.

This day isn't what it used to be.  I have been going to decoration with Jason for the past 14 years.  Used to, there would be people seriously couldn't find a place to park.  There have been fewer and fewer people each year.  This year was no exception.  We did get to see some family, but nothing like years past.... 

I had no clue he was doing this! I took the picture, then looked...and literally laughed out loud!  Geez...

Jojo....ready to go to Decoration!

Jason givin' the boys the "talkin' to"....  Act right, mind, smile when having your picture made... Lol!!

Finding thier name on their Pawpaw's grave...

Playing imaginary ball... 
They take turns "hitting" the imaginary ball with the stick. 

Jason's cousin and her family...Sweet people...we seldom get to see them.

The Howard Men

I apologize....

I seriously need to stop taking as many ball pictures as I do. 
 I just can't help it. 
 If they weren't so stinkin' cute....

Little Artist

Silas and Jojo have a new obsession.

The Avengers....

Drawing courtesy of Silas Howard. ;)

Life at the Ballpark

Seriously.  Our new second home is Guy B. Amis Park. 

We have been living at the park.  From practice to games to charity name, we are there.

Little League recently held a Scholarship / Relay for Life Charity Event.  It was an AWESOME event as well!  Each LL team was given the opportunity to participate in various team and individual competitions.  Very exciting!  Our little team LOVED it!  I did too.  Our team participated in the Fastest Five, Golden Arm, and the Homerun Derby.  We didn't "win" the competitions, but hey...we had all kinds of fun! 

The proceeds from the event went to the Little League Scholarship and Relay for Life!  Both are great causes. I couldn't be more proud of the LL teams, coaches, and everyone else who gives their time to make sure our kids have fun and see the importance of teamwork! 

a tad late.

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I'm late on posting pictures, but nonetheless... HMD!

I can't believe this was my 6th Mother's Day as a mother.... Time flies! 

I am so overwhelmed by being blessed with two healthy, amazing little boys.  We had a great day!  We woke up, went to church, met my mother for lunch in Parsons, then went to visit Jason's mother.  I am so thankful for the two blessings who made me a mom.  I am so thankful for my mother and MIL.  And for those of you who are missing your mother on this day, I pray for comfort.