Friday, January 29, 2010


Snow, snow, and more snow!! Silas loved it! Joe...not so much! AND these are the only pictures that I took. It's TOO cold!!

Joe was all about some snow cream!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[[[[ jOjO is TwO ]]]]

My sweet-precious-adorable-cuddly baby boy is two!! I don't know whether to smile or cry so why not both? My, my, my how the time has flown. Happy Birthday, Jonas Grey Howard....I love you oh so very much!

We took Joe to Los Portales for his birthday. Here are some pics from the night! One word...hilarious! When they put "the hat" on Joe, he looked at them like they were crazy! No smile, no cry, no laugh, no expression---- what-so-ever---- Funny stuff!

Silas and Joe playing "the game"...

This one literally makes me laugh.out.loud.

Joe- telling us how old he is...he normally says six!!

Of course Silas had to pose with it on! (How many people have actually had that on their heads?? I just can't think about it!)

Joe and me---just trying to beat the 2 second timer!! This was the "best" one, so you know that's not saying much for the rest of them!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

it's a SNOWman

It "snowed" a couple of weeks ago and Silas wanted to go out and play in it! Well, I let him get out on the deck...I didn't do as great as last year. Click here. Again, he stayed on the deck. We did however make us a snazzy little snowman! We were both very proud of it. We made him on the table so he could look in on Silas and Joe playing in the playroom. Sweet!

The eyes were made of M&Ms and he had ribbon for his scarf! :) Good times, good times!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

a quick look back

Looking back at pictures from the beginning of 2009, I am in awe of how much my boys have grown and changed.

Silas, he has really grown in height and maturity. During the year he has learned how to use the potty, learned how to be a great big brother, and learned how to work his charm! Silas has played and played with his farm animals. He has spent hours doing "homework" and focusing on the detail of each mark he makes. You could usually find him sporting his chuck taylor's and john deere cap. He is my growing boy! The knowledge and maturity he already possesses at three is crazy!!

Sweet baby Joe Joe....My baby Joe is really no longer a baby! Little fella will be two in two days! This year has been filled with amazing changes and transformations! He always gives in to his brothers manipulations, yet at the same time emulates everything that Silas does. He is always two steps behind in any adventure brought his way. Joe has an easy way of always getting his feelings hurt very easily, as well as being my little snuggle buddy. If I am every just having some "down time", I can always count on my baby Joe to join right in. He gave up the bottle at the beginning of '09, but you can better believe he is hanging on that pa-pa...(pacifier). He is not letting that thing go, and I don't mind one bit. Joe has become super fond of his blue blanket, which he calls "night-night" and his little bear named Snuggie.

2009 has brought several changes to our lives....and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what 2010 has for us..........