Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sanford and Son

Lordy mercy.

We had a yard sale.

I want to know how we can accumulate so much stuff

I want to know how in the world my two children, BOYS might I add, have so many shoes. 

I can't help it if I like shoes.... ;)

Resurrection Sunday

We had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday.  Church service was great.  Dinner at my daddy's was great.  Small little egg hunt was great.  Wonderful day to celebrate our Lord. 


My boys had their first "speaking part" at church....  They spoke flawlessly in front of the church body.  I was so proud of them.  Getting ready for church Sunday morning I made sure I had the video camera charged and ready... Jason: You know they are not going to say it, don't you?  Me: Yes, they will.  You have to have high expectations... They will do it.  Have faith in them.... 

They did it. So sweet. 

Thank you, Ms. Krystal, for challenging my boys to step outside of their comfort zone.  You are great with all of our kids....

Lucas: I ring a bell of victory.
Jonas: I ring a bell of love.
Silas: I ring a bell of joy.
Taylor: I ring a bell of hope.

Rebekah: I ring a bell of peace.
All: We ring bells of Easter for Jesus Christ is risen today....

(By the way, they rang their little hand bells as they spoke....My heart was/is melting...)


We had a great Easter....  Easter weekend was SUPER busy! 

Good Friday:  Neighborhood Egghunt....Surprise Party that Evening.... Jason- Golf.... Glow-in-the-Dark Egghunt at Night....

Needless to say, Friday was cray-cray....

Saturday: Honestly, I can't remember... Wait! Saturday, we made banana pudding (the yummy from scratch cook it on the stove kind).... We baked delicious little cupcakes.... AND.... We had a church picnic / egg hunt at Darden Park.

The boys, Jason, and I had SO much fun. Well, I had fun watching the boys play, talking, playing, and talking some more. Jason had fun playing three games of basketball with the men. What?? I never heard so much belly aching in my life.... If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times.... those men saying we are gonna be sore tomorrow...i won't be able to get out of bed...we gonna have to take a break...

Spare me. ;)
They know they loved it.

AND....I know. My children rarely wear ANYTHING but underwear.  Who cares, right?  I pick and choose my battles.