Saturday, June 27, 2009


Silas had Vacation Bible School every night this week. Last night (Friday) was the night where the momma's and daddy's got to watch the kids sing their songs and pick up their crafts, etc. I just knew Silas wouldn't go up there....I was wrong! He did an outstanding job. He sat with his class, listened (for the most part), and sang their little songs! He definitely made a mommy proud!

Okay....maybe/hopefully I am badly he checking this girl out???

Here is JoJo just eating his snacks and taking it all in!

I wonder whose little Nike's those are? Of course after I snapped the picture, I told his teacher to make him sit up!! ;)

After all of the children performed, we went out to have a balloon release. I'm thinking that didn't quite work out so well. The humidity was awful. The balloons didn't seem to hold to up well. I don't know if it was the weather or what. Great idea though!

Jojo...thinking he can hang with the big kids.

Silas...breakin it down.... No one was in there to see him....thank goodness! Where'd he learn those moves?

For his job well done, he got to have his "very own milkshake". Let me tell you, he was pretty stoked about that. Easy to please! for now anyway...

Friday, June 26, 2009

summa summatime~

Sprinklers, itty bitty "swimming pools", swings, toys, suncreen, waterhoses..... They played so hard today. They had such a good time. This is only the beginning....

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am really in shock. Michael Jackson is/was such an icon. I know these are not the latest pictures of him. (He is/was a little bit scary looking to me.) What a sad day!

The way you make me feel
You really turn me on
You knock me off of my feet now baby
My lonely days are gone

(I think that one's my favorite. I think.....there are SO many though!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I can almost breathe. I will still be a victim of grad school until next Tuesday and then I will be able to take a deep breath. Complaining does not help anything, I know that, but I can almost see a hint of light at the end of the tunnel (for a month anyway)!! I will then start back in August. It's all good though. A short break will be all that I need to get re-energized and pumped again. Needless to say, the past few weeks have been nothing but absolute craziness! I feel like my boys have basically lived with the babysitter for the past week. I sometimes feel like such a loser mom, but I know it will be worth it in the end. At least they aren't old enough to remember the chaos of my first summer of grad school! Nothing but time management baby!

Here are some pictures from all kinds of things. My camera has been collecting dust. It has been quite neglected. Poor thing.

This was from Relay for Life back in May! As you may be able to tell, my children aren't used to getting suckers very often. Joe did seem quite happy about it! He is such a junk food addict!!! Silas is all about some peas, corn, and potatoes....Joe is all about some cookies, chocolate, and candy! Total opposites!

These pictures were from church one evening.

Look at this nasty baby! Who on earth would let their child look this way?? (Notice the cupcake liner in his was chocolate.)

Jason, Silas, and I went to Nashville last Saturday. We had such a good time. Silas acted great (so did Jason). I was very impressed with Silas's behavior. Awesome little guy! ;)

Silas wanted to ride the carousel. biggie. We get in line. He has spotted the horse he wants to ride. He is totally ecstatic while we are in line. The lady takes our ticket and we find the exact horse he had spotted earlier. Silas then has a complete melt-down and says he is not going to ride. This is him basically pushing me out of the way so he can get off the ride. Save the drama.....

Talk about complete embarrassment...Have you ever ridden a "choo-choo twain" in the middle of the mall....wait for it....when you and your child are the only people on it??? We were quite the head turners! It was fun though! Silas LOVED it!!

Jase is overly thrilled. Can't you tell?

Silas posing with the Donut man from the Mall at Green Hills!

My boys hiding....they rock!

Silas's first night of Vacation Bible School! The picture on the right is obviously when he returned home. Notice the Kool-Aid mustache he is sporting!