Monday, February 8, 2010


The only good one of the night....

Another SnOwDaY

This was as exciting as it got today.....


Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Party.....(finally)

My poor baby Jojo....

We have been trying to have his party for several weeks now. After rescheduling for two different weekends...we finally had the party! Of course Jonas never new the difference, but he did get his "Curious George" birthday party.

Jason's Grandmother and his sister's family couldn't stay for the party. They dropped by to say hi!!

For those he can't "see it", the pretzel sticks are trees and of course the bananas have fallen off of the see it now, don't you?!

My Favorite! Classic Silas and me!!!

Joe trying to steal a cupcake!! Funny!

One of Silas's favorite people....Brian, my sister's husband.....

Cracks.Me.Up. "someone" decided to eat the tops off of the cupcakes and casually put them back in their proper places....hmmmm....who could that have been??