Saturday, June 27, 2009


Silas had Vacation Bible School every night this week. Last night (Friday) was the night where the momma's and daddy's got to watch the kids sing their songs and pick up their crafts, etc. I just knew Silas wouldn't go up there....I was wrong! He did an outstanding job. He sat with his class, listened (for the most part), and sang their little songs! He definitely made a mommy proud!

Okay....maybe/hopefully I am badly he checking this girl out???

Here is JoJo just eating his snacks and taking it all in!

I wonder whose little Nike's those are? Of course after I snapped the picture, I told his teacher to make him sit up!! ;)

After all of the children performed, we went out to have a balloon release. I'm thinking that didn't quite work out so well. The humidity was awful. The balloons didn't seem to hold to up well. I don't know if it was the weather or what. Great idea though!

Jojo...thinking he can hang with the big kids.

Silas...breakin it down.... No one was in there to see him....thank goodness! Where'd he learn those moves?

For his job well done, he got to have his "very own milkshake". Let me tell you, he was pretty stoked about that. Easy to please! for now anyway...