Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How long has it been????

Can you believe I'm actually creating a post? I stay so completely consumed with "stuff" that has to be done, it seems I never find the time to do this. I feel so terribe for neglecting my poor blog like I have been. Maybe I'll do better. No promises.

For Labor Day, we visited Jason's parents at the lake. Silas and Jonas love love love going out there! It is nice just to go out there and relax a bit.....wait....what am I saying? Relax? What's that?

The fair was in Lexington around the beginning of September. Silas really enjoyed it this year! We stopped by the fair one night just to mingle for a few minutes and try to figure out where some people come from. Our thirty minutes turned into a couple of hours! Silas thought he was in some sort of fairyland! Total amazement was all that he saw! Poor Joe. He was ready for bed about 15 minutes into the trip. He did enjoy watching all of the people and the lights! We all had a really good time! I'm glad it only comes around once a year though. It takes a couple of showers to wash all of the skank off. (Did I really say that out loud?) ;)

My baby sister is 18!! I cannot believe it. It's a good thing she is pretty because ..... well, I love her dearly!!She turned 18 on September 27. To celebrate, we went to my dad's to have lunch after church. Then that night, my mom took us out to eat at Outback. Yummy..... Happy Birthday, Ko.... I love you!!

My mom got Kota tickets to "So You Think You Can Dance?" in Atlanta!! How freakin awesome is that?????? (I'm a little jealous.)

Last weekend, TOY STORY 3D came out!!! Silas has been bucking sideways wanting to go to the movies. (like he even knew what that was) I told him that we would go. (He really doesn't ask for much, so I figured I'd spoil him for one night.)Jason, Silas, and I went to eat and then to the movies! It was pretty cool. Silas had a great time! I think he was really impressed with the games out in the "lobby" of the theater. It is really cool that he thinks he is actually playing the game. He doesn't know that it takes money! He is so awesome! Check out our 3D glasses. I think Jason and I enjoyed them way more than Silas did!! ha!

Until next time......I'll try to do better! ;)