Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[[[[ jOjO is TwO ]]]]

My sweet-precious-adorable-cuddly baby boy is two!! I don't know whether to smile or cry so why not both? My, my, my how the time has flown. Happy Birthday, Jonas Grey Howard....I love you oh so very much!

We took Joe to Los Portales for his birthday. Here are some pics from the night! One word...hilarious! When they put "the hat" on Joe, he looked at them like they were crazy! No smile, no cry, no laugh, no expression---- what-so-ever---- Funny stuff!

Silas and Joe playing "the game"...

This one literally makes me laugh.out.loud.

Joe- telling us how old he is...he normally says six!!

Of course Silas had to pose with it on! (How many people have actually had that on their heads?? I just can't think about it!)

Joe and me---just trying to beat the 2 second timer!! This was the "best" one, so you know that's not saying much for the rest of them!!