Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~the big sree~

It's true. Time officially flies by. The proof: My sweet Silas is three. We had his party on the 18th...but...his actual birthday was the 19th. I am truly sad....happy.....but sad at the same time. It seems like yesterday he was born. That sassy little thing totally rocked my sheltered little world! If you have read any of the previous posts, you know that he is obsessed with LeBron James. Well, I couldn't convince LJ to come party with us, so we had to improvise. Silas was excited all the same!

Thanks to my mama! She got Silas and Joe some pretty cute jerseys. Silas was extremely proud to show it off. Joe...not a clue.

Silas was so excited that he really would not take a nap. I told him to at least sit on my bed, rest, and watch cartoons. He ended up falling asleep sitting up. So sorry about the quality of this picture. My little point'n'shoot has really seen better days.....

The party went great. Silas was such a little man. He was so respectful and appreciative. He definitely knows how to make his mommy proud.

My sweet little niece, Jaycie...She is beautiful....inside and out!

Silas has been singing the "birthday song" for weeks now. He was so exicted when we actually got to sing it to him. He almost made me cry!! Silas stood up there so big and proud. I love him! Ok...you may think all this pictures look the same....but there not...AND I posted them all!!! It's not everyday my baby turns "sree".

This one might be my favorite!!!

Here is Joe trying to get Silas's basketball candle in the little bitty hoop!

Joe really cracks me up in this picture. I bet he is thinking..."I wonder whose plate I can eat off of next...."

The Birthday Girl and Boy!

Getting some last minute birthday boy lovin!!

Happy Birthday Baby Si!!