Monday, July 13, 2009


We have been doing a bunch of nothing these days. My boys have been staying up late, sleeping late, and playing so much. I love summer days with my babies. School will start back in a couple of weeks....part of me is super excited...the other part already misses spending the days with Silas and Jojo....Oh well...gotta bring home the bacon!

Jonas has realized that he can "play" the piano. He loves to look at hymn books. It is so funny. He will go in there, sit in the corner, and just look and look at any hymn book! I love it!

I know I have written several posts about "drinking tea at Mamaw's house", but I just can't get enough! My boys absolutely adore her. Jason and I do too. Silas and Jonas will light up at the mention of visiting her. She is getting pretty makes my heart hurt to think about not having her around.....I just pray my boys remember everything they can about her.

I was really craving an apple juice slush from Sonic the other day.....I drank those A LOT when I was pregnant with Jonas. No.....I am not preggers.....just wanted one. Joe got his very own, first ever Sonic drink. Of course, Silas wanted a vanilla milkshake and Joe got an apple juice slush. He was in heaven. :) I actually tried a cranberry juice slush and it was yummmmy! Why am I blogging this? Go to bed....seriously! (Notice Snuggie in the picture. He doesn't ever get to far from Joe!)

Tonight I decided to make homemade pizza. Delicious! Since the weather was nice, I thought it would be fun to have a "picnic" out on the deck. I put Joe's highchair out all of the plates/drinks ready....things were going great. Silas decides he is finished and gets down to play. He wasn't out of his seat two seconds...and he got stung by a wasp! He screamed out, "That bug bit me!" and quickly by-passed his daddy, straight for me. He was so sad....and so was I. If I hadn't wanted to have had that stinkin' picnic, he wouldn't have gotten stung. Poor thing. He was pretty tough though! Check out his "in pain" grin while he is soaking in every ounce of his pampered treatment! My sweet baby!

Do you know how difficult it is to get this child on your shoulders? He is a chunk...not fat...just extremely heavy!! It took a while for me to get him up there, but we eventually made it!

Yes....that is the Homerun Derby on in the background.