Friday, December 25, 2009

~Happy Birthday, Jesus~

Where do I even begin???? The holidays are always so busy, but worth every second of it. Getting together with family and friends is always such a time to cherish and remember. Lots of memories were made this Christmas season........I hope everyone's holiday was as wonderful as mine. Humbling yourself and really looking and appreciating all of the blessings in your life is of utmost importance. I have so much to be thankful for.

I always try to tell Silas and Jonas the reason for celebrating Christmas. Hopefully, as they grow older....they will better understand the meaning. For now, they are excited about it being the day that we celebrate Jesus's birth. I pray that they will become strong, humble, generous, and appreciative men one day. I know that they will......

L.O.T.S. of pictures were taken over the past several days..............L.O.T.S.........

These pictures were taken during Christmas with Jason's immediate family. What would be Christmas without trying to get a family pic using the timer on the camera?? ;)

This may be a little weird. Silas walks up to the tree and decided to hug and kiss it. He says, "I love Cwistmas twees!"

This past Sunday we went to church. The boys had their Sunday School Christmas Party. Then that night was the Christmas program. I had no idea what to expect. Think about it....a three year old and an almost two year old...standing still....singing songs....(with motions)....I had (and always have) high expectations. Needless to say, my boys did not disappoint. They had a great time! There were only a few "show off" moments, but overall they did great! I am always so proud of them.

Random shot from one morning this week....I walk in the living room and find this:

They decided that it was time to open presents....only these presents weren't for them. They are such monkeys.

On Christmas eve, our tradition is to always go to Jason's Mamaw's house. She is the b-e-s-t cook!! My boys absolutely adore her, as do I!

This picture royally cracks me up! Who knew clearing the table could be so fun? Maybe it was the sweet potatoes in my

Joe thought he was being a sneaky lil thing. He would casually walk by the brownies and help himself within his reach. Notice the "pa-pa" on the floor. Hilarious!

Silas has become quite the puzzle-put'er-together'er.........This was one of the presents he received.

I ~love~ this picture.

Silas........being him.

Random.....but it was still taken at Mamaw's on Christmas eve! I think this was about the only picture taken of only Jason and me. lol

Christmas morning was so sweet. My boys really never ask for a lot. J and I always try to keep "gift giving" and "bought surprises" to a minimum during the year. Don't get me wrong, my boys do not "want" for anything, but spoiled is something that I do not care for them to be. The looks on their faces was amazing. Those memories will last a lifetime for me. Thank babies...for being so thankful and grateful little fellas.....I love you both SO much!

What am I thinking putting this picture on here? First thing Christmas morning photo....classic! From the words of Clark Griswald, "It's all part of the experience, honey." :) (Yes, they are Strawberry Shortcake.)

We did get to see a few snowflakes fall....and have some yummy-greasy bacon biscuits.......

Christmas afternoon we went to my grandmother's house. Everyone had such a great time! It was really nice to see the family members that you do not get to see as often.....

This picture was going to be deleted...then I thought, well, it's pretty decent of it stayed. I seriously need a tripod....I usually put it on top of the fireplace...classic! (((using the 10 sec timer)))

My sis Kota and me

My cousin, Lindsey and me. We were SO close when we were little. We practically lived at our Memaw's house! My daddy and her mama are brothers/sisters. :)

My nephew Lee and his girlfriend Holly...Jaycie...Kota...Me...Lindsey

My daddy and my bro, Jason

Silas trying to sneak Joe some coke....knowing they are not allowed to have it....:)

Then it was off to my dad's.....

My daddy got Silas and Joe some coon skinned hats with some poppin guns. So fun! Silas has been telling people, "I'm gonna pop you in the butt...."

Of course Tweedledee and Tweedledum had to have a shot at it!!!

Jaycie wanted me to get her a "Snuggie" from Justice. So funny....we all had to pose while we were trying it on. Girls will be girls!

My girls and my bro......... Kelly, Jason, me, and Kota

These pictures were taken seconds from each other. How can one be so happy one minute, then pouting the next? Look at that face..............

Joe was SO sad when we left. He L.O.V.E.S. Kelly!!

Last pic of the night....
Long story....I normally always wear my hair down. Well...I was eating some chocolate covered cherries (because my dad and I adore them) and some of the "juices" got all in the tips of my hair....which left the left side of my hair all sticky. I know, that could only happen to me. I couldn't stand for my hair to be feeling that way so I got a pony and pulled it back earlier in the night. As the night went on, my hair began to loosen out of the pony leaving the top layers hanging down. My niece then tells me...."No offense, but you really look like Edward Scissorhands." And I was like, "Let me see!" So I took the picture....and yes....I did look like Edward Scissorhands!! Kids are SO honest....I love it!

Merry Christmas.......
From: Edward Scissorhands