Thursday, December 31, 2009

watersalls and allivators

Over the Christmas break, Jason, Silas, Joe, and myself took a little trip to Opryland Hotel. Since the boys have never stayed in a hotel, we figured we'd stay pretty close to home. Needless to say, they did great. They were both SO excited.

If you asked Silas which part he liked the best....he would say looking at the "watersalls" and riding the "allivator". Funny!

Silas on the way down there. How many different faces can this child make?

Our room had a balcony with a view of one of the atriums....gorgeous! We stayed in the Cascade section. The boys loved looking at the waterfalls.

our room: middle row....on my right...the one with the dimmer lighting... ;)

The next two are the views outside our room.....

I got a LOT of shots that look very similar to this one....a lot of walking..... We used the stoller a little, but once the crowd settled the boys got to walk. They did wonderful. Joe did an excellent job of keeping up. He and I stayed a little behind, but defnitely hung in there.

This was really neat. There were some waterfalls behind that little opening. You could feel the mist from the water.

I went to the other side of the waterfall and had Silas to look at me through the opening.

This is one of my fave's!! This is so him....

More pics of the hotel...

There was a water show that Silas and Joe loved watching. It was pretty neat.


This lady was a phenomenal pianist....

They found an arcade. Good thing they still don't realize that it takes money to play!! :)

Someone really worked this during the day!

He said he was in jail.

""""Snack Time"""""

We went to see the Ice exhibit. It was really cold, but lots of fun!

Taking the carriage ride was so fun! We got to ride around the hotel and see the lights. Waiting was super cold, but well worth it. The boys loved the horse. It's name was Mississippi. You should hear Silas and Joe try to say that one! Silas is ok...but Joe...not so well!! Love them!

I saved my favorite for the end.....priceless! (Yes, Joe is wearing underwear OVER his diaper....)