Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow Days

Remember when you were little and you stayed home because of snow? Weren't those the best times ever? You would have layers upon layers of clothing, earmuffs, gloves, the whole get up. Then you and your brothers and sisters would go outside and play and sled and never want to come in. Cold- -are you kidding me? You'd be breaking a sweat by the time you came inside. were layered. When you would come inside (only because your mom made you), you would have hot chocolate and just hang a parent...I see that day much differently now. I wanted Silas to see the snow, but the thought of layering a 2 year old and playing in the snow was exhausting. I chase him down for 15 minutes trying to get him layered, or just pretend like it was a normal day and deprive him of that experience? I decided I would chase him down for his day in the snow. Keep in mind we did have to improvise. Instead of gloves, my child wore socks on his hands. Whatever works! He would say, "I'm so excited!", in his little 2 year old voice. Once we made it outside, he had a blast. He really wasn't quite sure what to do...he just ran around. We both actually had an awesome day! As a parent, you do see "snow days" much differently. I think it is just a better view!