Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Day!!

Jonas's first day of Montessori was Monday, the 13th. was field trip day!

Once every few months, the students of Montessori travel to the Lexington Manor to sing. Since it was close to Valentine's Day, they all sang Valentine songs and passed out Valentines to the residents. The boys' grandmother, Mamaw, is a resident of Lexington Manor. Silas LOVES to sing for his Mamaw! This time, Jonas gets to sing as well. :)
Jonas- Morning of his first day...
Ignore the backpack. Joe insisted that he bring THAT particular backpack.  I told him it had Silas's inital's on the outside. He didn't mind. That's what he wanted to take! 
Jonas thinking, "I do not know these songs, and I am not going to sing them."