Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last day....

Jojo's last day of Little Acorn was Friday, February 9.

He LOVES Ms. Dana, but was so very excited to attend Montessori with Silas! Jonas has come a long way the past year. He loved staying with Ms. Jean when he was 6 weeks-3 years old. However, I knew that he couldn't stay with Ms. Jean forever.

Sending him to Little Acorn was a growing experience for the both of us. He was/is my baby! He adored Mary Beth, his very first teacher. Talk about love...He was IN LOVE with her! He later transitioned to another classroom without Jason or me even knowing. I went to sign him in one morning, and his name was taken off the class list. Joe had been moved into another classroom. I went to that room, signed him in, all the while knowing Jonas was not "good" with change. Definitely a bad move for him! We tried to "talk him up" about his great his new teacher is and his new friends, but it was not working out for him. When it got to the point of him saying he wanted to go back to Ms. Jean's, I knew it was time to ask for a change. I NEVER want to be THAT PARENT who isn't satisfied. However, after listening to him cry every day for a month, I asked for a classroom change. That conversation brought us to Ms. Dana. She was Joe's safe haven. I am so thankful for her, and the love she shows my baby!

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