Saturday, April 11, 2009

~bAsKeTs + eGGs = bEiNg YoUnG~

Oh, to be young!

My boys went on an Easter egg hunt at Jason's Grandmother's house on Friday afternoon. They had so much fun! I hate that Jason missed out. He was at work, but that didn't slow down my two. Jason's cousin, Michelle, and two of her children, Grant and Michaela, came down from Virginia. Michaela had been planning this event for several weeks. We received our invitation earlier in the week. What a little event planner! I can see it in her future. Everything was planned to perfection. While some of the adults were hiding the eggs, Michaela had all of the kids in the bedroom and read them an Easter story. Of course all of the kids were so anxious. My two really didn't have a clue as to what was going on. They were just excited to be a part!!

Before the actual hunt, we tried to gather them all together for a quick picture.

In this picture though, notice the only two getting a head start. What's up with that? Little sneaks!

After a couple of snaps, they were off! I know, I know....all of these pictures are basically the same. They were having so much fun!!!

Guess who found the "Golden Egg"? Jonas!! Did he have a clue? I really don't think so!

Once the hunt was over, we all came back inside for an egg count. Silas had five and Joe had a few.

This is Jason's sister, LeAnne's children.

Jacob and BreAnna

The Event Planner herself....Michaela! She did an excellent job!

After the counting and winding down...Michaela had prepared some Jello Jigglers in the shapes of Easter bunnies, baskets, etc.
Silas and Jonas could not get enough! The boys ate and ate and ate! I eventually had to cut them off.

Okay...wait a minute. Were those Jello Jigglers or Jello Shooters??? Kidding!!

Once their little bellies were full, playing just seemed to come next on the "to do" list. I think that everyone had an excellent time.

Be young~ its the only way to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. ~*~Matthew 18:3~*~