Saturday, April 25, 2009

((tea party))

Friday night we went to the "tea party" in Jackson. Ok...I'll be honest...I know very little about politics. My husbad was interested in going and I thought it might be pretty neat. The weather was absolutely beautiful! Doing something outside was a definite must. We loaded the boys and took off. It was held at Liberty Garden. There was probably around a thousand or so people there. It was fun. I enojyed watching everyone and listening to Mike Slater. (I really just wanted to go and take pictures. Don't tell Jason.) ;)

This is a picture of people gathering donated items for care packagaes. All of the packages are being sent to the soldiers fighting. By the end of the night, there were tons of packages! How awesome!

The "Don't Spread My Wealth Sign..." was probably my favorite. Not that I have any wealth to spread, but I do believe every able body should work. ;)

The boys had a great time. They were SO good!

I am an AWFUL person for posting this next picture. I don't know who this beautiful couple is...but...

Bluetooth just may be the next pocket protector.

Bless them....

Afterwards, we went to Burger King guessed it...Frozen Coke! I wonder who had to go with Silas on the playground? I only had to go once. He decided to be brave and go it alone after that! That was the first time we have played in Burger King. I can't help but think about all of the germs. Get over it... I know. Anyways...check out the table. It has a jelly bean surface! Too Cute!!