Saturday, April 4, 2009

Erica Badu?

Last night, we just stayed around the house. I cannot believe I am posting these pictures. This is me with no make-up, a plain t-shirt, and my "Erica Badu" on my head. Oooo...notice the blanket. This is absolutely the best blanket ever! Check Silas out. Yes, you're seeing correctly. He is trying to lick me! He is an absolute rounder!

I'm thinking Silas had a pretty decent time....I guess that's what boys do!

Today was the last day for one of my classes! I am so excited and happy. Pam (lady I work with) and I were totally stoked as we were leaving Gardner Center!!! I love it. No more Saturday school and only a handful left on Thursday nights!

Joe knows where his head his!! How exciting. I'll say, "JoJo...where's your head?", and he'll touch it! He is a genius, I know.