Saturday, May 12, 2012


We went to the movies!!

The boys have been wanting to see the Avengers for some time now.  We finally got the chance to take them. Ball practice was cancelled due to rain *cough*Jason didn't want to coach the bad news bears*cough*..... Lol!

We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, went to Lowe's, and then to the movies!

Great day!

However, right I'm updating the blog from my phone, we are going down the road and Silas decides to open the umbrella in the backseat. NICE!  Better yet, he can't even close the dang thing! So... you guessed it... we pulled over on the side of the highway... I get out and have to close it. Nice. Thanks, Si!

By the way, Jojo slept through half the movie... and I got to snuggle with him! :):)He's so cuddly...