Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bittersweet Memories


As I am typing this post, (very sleepy might I add), I can think of countless memories..... My piano. 

Jason and I have a new piano in the house. 

While I love it... love it dearly... it's beautiful, fun to play, something I've always wanted... I find myself thinking of my "old" one....

This was the piano I bought when my Nanny passed away.  (I don't know why I remember that.)  We bought it off of an older lady that she played Bridge with.  I can remember going to my Nanny's house everyday after school.  I was always so excited on Bridge day.  All of these fashionable, stylish older ladies would play Bridge, drink their tea, smoke their cigarettes, and enjoy each other's company.  I loved it!

I learned to play on this piano.  It has been with me for a long time.  I can remember practicing at the house and my brother would hate it!  I remember sitting there for hours trying to teach myself how to read the music and play it without hesitation.  I remember my momma begging me to play at church.  I was always too shy or afraid of messing up! I remember periods of time where it would sit there as a piece of furniture because I was too busy to play, or just didn't care anything about it. 

When I married, it came with me.  It sat in our first home in an extra bedroom.  It eventually became the place where I kept family photos and old hymnals.  :) 

When Silas was born, he LOVED to listen to music.  When he would get fussy and ill, which was often, I would put him in his bouncy seat and play... He would kick his feet and listen!  :)  He had favorite songs, too! Ha!

The piano bench is where Jason found out I was pregnant with Jonas.  I sent him on a scavenger hunt all over the house.  He would read clues and tried to figure out what I was trying to tell him.  The last clue was laying on the piano bench.  Basically, it said something along the lines of... I wonder which song will be our new baby's favorite??  Something like that... 

I am normally not hung up on "things".... I love my nanny's antique furniture in my house... I love having some of the boys' things (not too many)....  Other than that... I'm pretty good with letting things go.  This one is a little harder.  :)