Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life at the Ballpark

Seriously.  Our new second home is Guy B. Amis Park. 

We have been living at the park.  From practice to games to charity name, we are there.

Little League recently held a Scholarship / Relay for Life Charity Event.  It was an AWESOME event as well!  Each LL team was given the opportunity to participate in various team and individual competitions.  Very exciting!  Our little team LOVED it!  I did too.  Our team participated in the Fastest Five, Golden Arm, and the Homerun Derby.  We didn't "win" the competitions, but hey...we had all kinds of fun! 

The proceeds from the event went to the Little League Scholarship and Relay for Life!  Both are great causes. I couldn't be more proud of the LL teams, coaches, and everyone else who gives their time to make sure our kids have fun and see the importance of teamwork!