Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hotter than Wasabi

I was going through some pictures stored on a laptop that I thought didn't work anymore! Surprise! It does... Yay! The screen would come and go the last few times I used it last summer, so I didn't waste my time with it anymore. I came across it the other day, turned it on, and ta-dah! It works! Crazy!

Anyway...I was going through the pictures from Jason's Japan trip last summer. He was gone a lot last summer, and I wasn't keeping up the blog like I should. I have since realized there are TONS of memories that I haven't kept record of because I wasn't blogging. I don't scrapbook, I only get pictures developed once a year.. (Btw...seriously just had 740 pictures developed. Yikers!)

Long story short... Here are some pics from Japan... :) Gotta keep track of everything somehow...even it is almost a year late...

Delicious!  *sarcasm*

Made out of gold... Kinda special, huh?

Japanese Ballgame!!  Fun!! :):)
This is crazy!  This is a baseball picture that was at the stadium in Japan.  The crazy thing is, we have the same picture hanging in Silas's bathroom!!

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