Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Church, Memaw's, & Gramps, Oh My...

Christmas Day is normally pretty busy.  This year was no exception.  We normally go to my grandmother's house, then finish up at my daddy's. 

The boys did great!  I told them before we left the house, no matter what they got as a gift, they better act like it's the best darn thing they have ever received in their life.  Ha! 

We even practiced.

 I would give them a scenario... 

Silas, you just opened a toy car and you have that very exact one at home.  What do you think you should say? 

Silas:  This is awesome. Man, this is cool. Thank you!   

And they did just that.  I was pleased with how appreciative they were. 

I only took two pictures at my Memaw's.... Oh, one seemed to mind! Ha!
Random pictures from Christmas at my dad's...