Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa's been spotted....

Let's begin by saying, we do "do Santa" in our house. Originally, we were not going to have Santa. However, he is NOT a big deal. He is a very small part of our holiday and Jesus is the MAIN show around here. I grew up with Santa Claus. My family was a Christian home, and we did Santa. When I found out he wasn't real never in a million zillion years did I think, "Well - then Jesus can't be real either."

I think because Jesus is such a part of our every day life and Santa came in about 5 days of the year, it is not a big deal. I think you can do both. To me - it's no different than going to Disney World - your kids love to see the Characters there. I don't think going to Disney World is going to make them question Christianity. That's just my opinion.

I think this is something that every family can decide how they want to handle. I also think it's something that you decide, and then you don't worry what everyone else is doing. My choice is not the RIGHT choice or the wrong choice and I'm not promoting either way. Jesus is definitely the reason for the season!

Our neighbors and friends hosted a Christmas party for the kids, and Santa was there! He totally has it....I think it honestly could be the real one!