Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Updated!

Can you believe I have finally updated this blog. I am going to try super hard to update this as often as possible. Without keeping this blog, I have found that I slowly let things pass by with very little remembrance of them. With our busy and chaotic life, I must continue to document what all is going on with us! :)

Where do I begin?

Halloween 2011
My boys wanted to be VAMPIRES! This is the first year they have wanted to be something "scary" and not "cute". :( Does this mean they are growing up? No more police officer or firefighter or cowboy or dinosaur.... oh me. I'm not ready for big boys.

Thanksgiving 2011
Silas had a "Thanksgiving Feast" at Montessori this year. His teacher helped them prepare a great little program/presentation. The kids were so smart and adorable. Ms. Alethea, his teacher, does a wonderful job with her students. Since attending Montessori, Silas has learned so much. I am very thankful for such a wonderful and caring place for my son to attend each day. He loves school!