Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthday Boy

My Sweet Jonas Grey

You are now four years old! January 19, 2008 was such a happy day for us! It seems just yesterday I was walking into your nanny’s house telling her I wasn’t in any pain, but I knew that it was going to be the day. Sure enough, we dropped Silas off at your Nanny and Pop’s around 8:30p.m. and you were here at 10:45. You were so ready to enter this world! You were such a good baby….very easy and so loveable. I am so happy and proud that you are mine.

You are definitely your own little person. You march to your own drummer, that’s for sure. You have the sweetest little disposition. You are so kind to others. You are very caring. You love love love to hug and kiss on your momma….and believe me, I love to be on the receiving end of that!  You still like for me to hold you, love on you, and snuggle A LOT! You have the neatest little personality. To be honest, I refer to you as being quite odd and unique at times. That’s all the more reason to love you. You don’t mind to be different.

You are definitely a little guy. You are a little over 3 feet, but you only weigh 30 pounds. You wear a size 4 in pants, but we have to roll them up at the top so they will fit you in the waist. You are our little sleeper. You must get that one from your daddy. You’ve always been a great sleeper, and for that- I am thankful. You LOVE….shoes! It’s quite hilarious to me, but you make your daddy SO mad sometimes. You are obsessed with boots (like your momma), and you could possibly change shoes a couple times a day. I’ve finally had to limit your shoe selection, and you were NOT excited about that. You are learning more and more every single day. You are in Ms. Dana’s class at preschool/daycare. Once you get to school, you seem satisfied. However, you do NOT really like “school” at all. Every morning you will ask me if it’s “staying home day”…. And five days of the week, I have to say no. I give you credit for one thing, you are being consistent. You haven’t really liked school since you started last spring. But you are learning to like it. You are VERY excited about going to Montessori this fall.

You love anything involving MUSIC. You and your brother have recently discovered the Devil Went Down to Georgia. You simply love music! You love to rock it out on your Paper Jamz guitar with your brother. You love small little “trinkety” things. Anything little and cute definitely catches your eye. You are OBSESSED with money. For example, the last time you were at my office you asked Ms. Taylor if you could have those pennies on her desk. Joe, you really can’t ask people for money off of their desk. She gave them to you though, and you did put them in your penny bank. You drink…and you drink….and you drink. You will down a Capri Sun in a matter of 2 gulps. Sometimes your thirst concerns me, but it hasn’t seemed to be a problem. I guess you’re just a thirsty little guy.

You like your daddy, but you LOVE your momma. You are definitely a momma’s boy through ‘n through. You do love your daddy and appreciate everything he does for you. You have a great dad, and he loves you so much. You are a little afraid of your and Silas’s new four wheeler. You’d much rather ride with someone else. You love to go to church. You adore your Sunday School teacher, Ms. Krystal. You have “blue night-night” and “Snuggie.” They are both never too far away from you. You don’t take them to school, but they are always in the car waiting for you to return. There is a small tag on night-night, and you will rub your fingers over it as you fall fast asleep.

You are best friends with Silas. I love to watch my boys play, learn, and grow together. You both melt my heart when you play so well together. However, you both know how to throw down. You both fight daily. You both love each other daily. I pray y’all will remain best friends forever.

I am so proud of you, Jonas. You make my heart so happy. I never dreamed I could love anything so much. I can’t kiss and love you enough. You are an amazing little boy. I have a feeling you are going to continue to grow and develop into an amazing young man.

I pray for you all the time….both of my sweet boys. I pray that you will love Christ and have a love for others. I pray that you will serve Him all of your days. I pray that He uses you to glorify Him. I love you so much. I will always love you.