Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Conversation tonight between Silas and Jonas.

J: Silas, I told you to give me back my guns.
S: (running around the house with 2 guns.)
J: Fine. I'm just going to go get your money.
S: (laughing, smiling, continuing to run around the house with guns)
J: (goes to get money. brings it in the living room.)  Oh, Silas...I have your money.  (opens money jar. takes out a folded dollar. bites it. Literally.  Then shows it to Silas and smiles.)
S: (screaming) Jojo, I can't believe you did that.  That was my money for college!!!
J: (Laughs and runs to hide under the bar stool.)


Silas and his "bitten college money"  (I wonder if he was planning on taking the Nerf bullet that's in the jar as well...)