Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I was searching through some of the older videos on Jason's computer tonight.  Apparently, I videoed Silas doing EVERYTHING.  I got to thinking....poor Jojo...I don't have very much video of him, other than holidays or birthdays... 

I feel so bad about that! :( 

But... Silas was such a lil cutie.  And I must warn you, when Silas was really learning to speak, I mean like, old enough to have conversations, he stuttered.  He suddenly started stuttering one day. Freaked.me.out.  I talked with the Speech Pathologist at school, and he assured me he was fine.  He told me to bring Silas to see him if I was really concerned.  I waited it out.  Within 4-5 months, it was over.  It ended as quick as it started.  The stutter was here one day, gone a few months later. 

We are so blessed with healthy children. 

Thank you, Lord.