Saturday, February 21, 2009

and it started with a pineapple

As you may know, I am the most uninteresting person ever. I live just a pretty simple life. The weekends are cleary not any different. My weekend started with a pineapple. The pineapples were on I bought one. Who doesn't love fresh pineapple? Well, my husband doesn't...but that's beside the point. I thought my boys will love this. So, I bought one. I don't think Silas has ever seen a real/fresh pineapple before it was cut. Of course the teacher in me came out. We talked about how prickly it was and how it felt. Then we cut the top and sides off and talked about the inside. Weird, but we really had the best time. We had probably eaten half of it just snacking while we were chopping it. Not very eventful, but fun all the same. Yes, that is the cut up pineapple in my hand. And yes, that is Silas, playing with a roll of paper towels.

Our trip to the Chinese place- Silas loved loved loved watching the fish. I personally think it is the nastiest thing ever.

Of course we had to get fortune cookies. I'm not all that impressed with the taste but you have to get them all the same. Silas, on the other hand, ate all four of them. He was lovin him some fortune cookies.
Here were our fortunes: