Saturday, February 7, 2009

And The Winner Is.....not you, sorry.

Beauty pageants...What in the world are people thinking? You've gotta love my sister Kelly. Bless her heart, she was in all kinds of beauty pageants growing up and would win every single one. She has more trophies and crowns than I have ever seen. Her daughter, Jaycie, decides that she wants to be in the Winterfest Pageant at her school. Kelly calls and tells me when it starts, so I load my boys up and head to Parsons Elementary. The preK-Kindergarten age was up first. The girls walked out so big and prissy, waving to the judges, walking and turning. The whole time I wanted to throw up. I am definitely not against "girly girly" at all! I am quite a prisspot myself, but to have a contest to see who is the prettiest...come on. The announcer called up the top however many, then the ones who weren't quite pretty enough cried off. The winner was called, she received her crown and all was well.

She was up. It was time for the 1st and 2nd graders. She was pretty nervous, but trying not to let it show. She received her number, it was nine. The annoucer called out her number, there she went. She walked out there, smiled her prettiest smile, turned, did everything she was supposed to do. The lady announcing is telling that Jaycie's favorite subject is math, her hobbies are dancing, playing, and etc. She was doing great at being pretty. Her time was up and she waited for the other girls to finish their "prettiness". The time was called for the top however many. She made it. You should have seen the smile on that face! Jaycie was so excited. So the top number stood in a straight row, smiling at the judges. Then the announcer tells the girls to turn around so they can rest their smiles. So they are being judged from the back also. Then the announcer goes on to say, "I don't envy the judges at all. They are all so gorgeous; I wouldn't want to be the one to decide!" That's when it really hit me. Those poor 7 year olds! The girls are told to go wait back stage. Then the winners are called out.

Poor Jaycie. She didn't place and she was one heart broken little girl. She came back out to the audience mad at first. The madness quickly turned into a cry. She, however, was not the only sad little girl. There were several that were upset at not being the prettiest. All of the reassuring in the world wasn't going to make Jaycie feel happy. I mean come on, she was just told she wasn't good enough. Kelly, if you are reading this...I love you so much and wouldn't take a million dollars for your tropies or your crowns!

Maybe that's why God didn't give me any girls! Instead, I am blessed with two awesome boys. One boy that is nothing but a momma's boy and the other is just as mean as a snake...and let me tell you they would soooo win any "beauty contest" out there.