Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Would you like some spaghetti to go with that piercing?

Let's talk about nose piercings. I personally think that they are cool. Would I ever get one? Probably not. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't think about it. Back in December, my sister and I went to get our noses pierced. Okay...the piercer wasn't in that night (luckily) and we couldn't get it done. I am sooooo thankful, because what in the world was I thinking? My sister on the other hand, not very thrilled. I told her that she could get it done some other time. Well...tonight was that some other time. Since she is only 17, she had to have her parent's permission. My mom said that she would sign for her to have it done. Here we go. We loaded up and went to the tatoo place to get Kota's nose pierced. She was so excited and I was too! She was actually going to get it done. Yay! On the way of course we had to take goofy pictures. Girls will be girls!

When we arrived at the place, Kota was starting to get a little nervous. She was very brave though. We were the only ones there besides the piercer. Quite a character! Kota filled out all of the paper work. My mother signed the things she needed. It was great. He (the piercer) was nice, but I think he was probably feeling "aww-rite" if you know what I mean. We went back to the room and Kota sat on the little table thing. The guy got all of the supplies he needed out of a locker. I was laughing like the whole time. I don't know why though. My mom and Kota were like, "Stop laughing, you need Ritalin" and I was like literally getting in trouble. So I got control and held Kota's hand. While the guy was getting his things ready and starting to clamp on Kota's nose, he just starts talking. Here was the conversation:

Guy: I think I'm going to have spaghetti tonight.
Me: Really. That sounds good. Maybe you can have a little french bread, a salad...
Guy: No salad...I think just spaghetti.
(Keep in mind...he is clamping Kota's nose and about to put the needle in.)
Me: Spaghetti and a glass of tea. That sounds pretty good.
Guy: But I think I'll do laundry first.
Me: Yeah...you could always do a load of laundry then eat. Use a little Tide, a little Downy.
Kota: (breathing in)
Guy: You know...my ex-wife offered to do my laundry yesterday. I didn't take her up on that though.
Me: I don't know that I blame you. It could probably get ugly letting your ex-wife do your laundry.
Kota: eeeek. (not loudly...just enough for the guy and me to hear)
Guy: Yeah...all my stuff would probably turn out pink.
Me: Of course it would turn out pink.

I kid you not. That was the actual conversation we had while Kota was getting her nose pierced. Crazy, I know. It's all true! Kota did great though. She was just listening to our spaghetti/tide-downy conversation and squeezing my hand. She is such an awesome girl! See what I mean about him feeling kinda loopy. You just never know. And I let him stick a needle through my sister's nose!