Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hittin' the bottle.......(of Robitussin)

I hardly ever get sick. However, this weekend was the exception. I started coughing Thursday and I have honestly not stopped. It's not that I feel horrible, I just can't quit coughing. I did go to Walgreens today to buy some cough syrup. I got home and realized that I had bought the sugar free kind. Could I have gotten anything that tastes nastier? I'm usually not that big on taking meds. I really don't know why. My biology teacher once said 10 days with meds, you're likely to get better. 10 days without meds, you're likely to get better. I've always kinda stuck with that. It has seemed to work for me so far. But...I bought the cough syrup. Maybe it will help. Needless to say, my weekend has consisted of coughing, watching my babies, coughing, trying to clean up after a 2and 1 year old, coughing, and more coughing.

After the boys went to sleep, I did manage to sneak a bath in. This was the first bath I have had in forever! Pretty relaxing. Better yet...the best movie was on television! Even after the long soak, I still feel like I smell like a Vick's cough drop. How hot is that!!