Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What ever happened to being thoughtful, caring, polite, respectful, considerate, etc.......

What a freakin day! It started out great. I met some girlies I work with and we were headed to an all day conference. Everything was going fine. The day was productive, went fine. (Except for the fact that we drove through a dang monsoon, but that's another topic.) We arrived back to the school, and truck had a dent in the door. The dent was clearly not there before I left that morning, so it had to have happened while I was gone. I understand that things happen. Really, it's not a big deal. The crappy part is that someone hit my vehicle and didn't have the "guts" to let me know. A simple "Oops..Sorry" would have been completely sufficient. So now I am stuck with a dent in the passenger door of my vehicle. Is it so hard for people to be a little bit considerate??

When I got home, Silas was creating lots of cool things with his legos. Check out his cool cell phone. Yes, I know. He is brilliant.
So, I don't guess my day was totally bad. I got to see Silas's cool inventions and make pecan pies.

I also spent less than $5.00 at the store! I'm so proud!! Maybe this isn't such a bad day after all!