Saturday, March 21, 2009

Barack's in my house!

Today was so carefree. The weather was awesome, a little cool, but great. We played outside quite a bit. Watching Silas and Jonas play is so amazing. I love to sit and observe how they interact with one another. Silas can definitely be quite the bully at times. Joe, on the other hand, is just so relaxed and doesn't seemed to be phased by anything. Wouldn't you love to go back to just being a kid? What a life! Wouldn't it be great to have just an ounce of their imagination? Silas came to tell me something pretty interesting the other day. Here goes:

Silas: Hey...guess who's in my bedroom?
Me: Who?
Silas: President Obama...
Me: Really? Why do you think President Obama is in your bedroom?
Silas: President Obama is in my bedroom and he gets in my walls.

What?....How imaginative.
To be in their little heads for just one day....but then again, I've had people say that to me.