Sunday, March 29, 2009

Complete Randomness

I have to go back to work on Monday! We have been out on Spring Break for the past two weeks and I am not really looking forward to getting back into routine. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off! I haven't done much really, but still enjoyed it.

I have the biggest stack of ironing to do! I usually always iron our clothes before I hang them in the closet. I have got to got to got to get that done. I have been on break for two weeks, but I haven't really found the time to get caught up on ironing. I guess I should say that I haven't made the time to iron. What a can't have wrinkled clothes!!

My husband went out Friday night, so I called up my younger sister to see what she was doing. Kota decided to come over for a little while. We all went to eat and decided to go to the lake. We were going to swing...but...change of plans! There was mud everywhere!! I tried to swing with Silas, but it didn't quite work!!

Once we got back home from the lake, I put the boys to bed. Kota and I were trying to think of what we could do. Don't give two crazy sisters a camera with a timer!! We are two of the biggest dorks ever!
{kacie - jason + kota + ADHD = cRaZiNeSs}
I'm not even going to post all of them! How embarrassing!!

You can take the girl out of the 7th grade, but you can't take the 7th grade out of the girl!

My dad and his wife came over Saturday evening for a quick visit. This was the first time I have seen him since Jonas's birthday party in January! I have talked with him, but not actually seen him since then. One of the first things that Silas wanted his Gramps to see was the gator. Silas has this John Deere Gator that my mom got for him. It has stayed in the basement since last fall. Silas will just go down there and ride it. He has his little circle that he makes with it. So of course, Silas wanted his Gramps down there. It is actually hilarious that Silas uses mousetraps for keys! Mousetraps....what an imagination. Whatever works! Silas and Joe were pretty excited to see their Gramps! Thanks for coming by Dad! Love you.

Sunday mornings, as you know, are quite chaotic. No exception for this Sunday. When we actually get to church, it doesn't even get any easier. The church that I go to doesn't have a nursery. That's fine, I agree that the babies/children should learn to sit in the sanctuary like everyone else. When you are 1 and you can't stand to be held...that makes it rather difficult. Jonas will not fall asleep by being held, rocked, or even just laying down. He will fall asleep in only two places: his very on bed or in the car. When we are at home, it's perfect. I just lay him down and he is out! Riding in the car...if he gets sleepy, he just falls asleep. At church, he will pitch the biggest fit fighting his sleep. He just will not give it up. For the past two Sundays, I have had to leave church with Jonas and ride around until he will fall asleep. I'll let him doze/cat nap for a bit, then we will go back in the church. As we were riding this morning, I kept noticing all of the trees in bloom. They look so beautiful. My all time favorite is the redbud. We had a gorgeous redbud at our old house. I decided I would drive by our old house to see if it had bloomed. Sure enough it did and it looked gorgeous! I miss that house and those trees. Weird maybe, but true. Since I always have my little camera, I decided to take a few pictures from the road.