Monday, March 23, 2009

Complete Randomness

Today was a pretty good day. I don't guess I can complain too much. Silas, Jonas, and I were just hanging around the house most of the day. I was really craving a frozen Coke (maybe a Coke icee to some) from Burger King. I am loving those things here lately. Off to town we go. I knew that Silas would have an absolute come apart for some Coke. I think that depriving him of sodas, sweets, etc., has made him an absolute fiend of those things. Now I just try to give him a little every now and then so it won't seem like such a big deal. I just want him to eat/drink healthy things. (Lead by example. I know.) Anyways....I knew that the moment I gave him a frozen Coke it would be nothing but a mess in a split second. I decided that maybe a milkshake would do. They're a little thicker and the cups are styrofoam...more sturdy. Our first stop was Sonic to get Silas a vanilla milkshake. He was tickled to death to get to have his very own milkshake. This was a first for him. He was so rubbing it in to Joe. All Joe had was little sippy of watered down apple juice. Burger King was our next stop. Then we were back to the house. Silas got his milkshake. I got my frozen Coke. Joe had his sippy. What more could a girl ask for? We were some pretty happy people.

Once we got back home, the boys played and I started back to work on some school things. Jonas was getting pretty sleepy. He is such a sleepy head. I swear the boy cannot stay up past 7:30 and he takes two naps a day. He will wake up between 7:00-7:30 in the morning. To sleep 12 hours straight is not a problem for my JoJo. I am definitely not complaining either! I go to put him down for a nap and he slept a little while. I did hear a slight wail coming from his bedroom though. I ran in there and this is what I found...

Poor thing. Bless his little heart. Not blaming this on Silas, but...he does like to "hide" under Joe's bed. Sometimes he also likes to kick up under the bed while he is laying under there. I'm just sayin.......

I did decide to try something new tonight for supper. Marinda told me about it. Since it seems like I prepare the same things over and over, I thought I'd try it. It was very simple and easy. (I also had some potatoes that HAD to be cooked. They were way on the verge of sprouting!) All you have to do is peel and slice your potatoes.

After that, you get an onion and slice it. I normally don't tear up when I am chopping onions, but today let me tell you I just couldn't hold 'em back. I don't even like onions. Anyway....layer them over your potatoes. (I like cooking. Sorry.)

Next step, remove child from cabinet. Yes...he was inside the cabinet while I was cooking supper. Silly thing!

Almost finished....put porkchops on top of the potatoes and onions.

Now I am not a fan of cream of mushroom soup, but I used it anyway. Pour the soup over everything and bake. I like to cook my things on super low for a super long time. It just makes things taste better! it may not look appetizing, but it was!

While supper was in the oven, my mother, sister, and niece came over for just a short visit. They were on there way to eat at Los Portales and decided to stop by. This was the first time I have seen Kelly and Jaycie in the longest time.

My niece, Jaycie.

This was the first time that they have seen Jonas walk and Silas's hair cut. Silas absolutely loves them so much. He thinks that JayJay just hung the moon.

Silas is addicted to playing with his basketball goal. He just shoots all the time. So of course, that was the first thing that he wanted to do with his awesome cousin. The madness quickly spread to Silas's bedroom. It was a complete mess! There were toys everywhere. You could definitely tell they were playing hard! I love it! And yes...Jonas is wearing pajamas. He wore them all day!!! I love it!

After they left, I finished supper. We ate and my baby boys were worn out. Joe was in bed by 7:15. He had all the fun he could stand for one night. His bed got fixed and he was out! Silas soon followed. A day in the life... I love the simple things.

I almost forgot. Check out Si's shirt! This totally crack's my up! He also told me today that this was his favorite shirt. He is pretty cool.