Saturday, March 14, 2009

DJ Skribble

Date night! How fun. Jason came in today and was like, "My parents will keep the boys. Lets go." I was like, "Yay!" We are not spontaneous people. This is not a big deal for some people...but for us, it is. We don't just leave our boys and go do something by ourselves. This is probably the first time in ages that we have done something like this. It was fun.

On the way down there, I got to be in charge of music. I really sorta felt like DJ Skribble. I kinda liked it. Just tryin to keep it real. I would "surprise" him with what we were listening to. He wasn't allowed to look. (I know...I'm a total nerd.)

We ate at Red Lobster. Yummy. Then we went to Lifeway. I bought a new "Bible". I really don't want to call it a Bible....but I guess thats what it is. It is just written in modern language. Its called The Message by Eugene Peterson and it is awesome! I'm usually a King James kind of girl and still am. I just like comparing the two. Anyways.... We also went to Lowe's. Jason wanted to look at some things. I enjoyed riding the "tray with wheels". (I really don't know what it's called.)

We also went to the mall. We came out empty handed. I'm a little picky and really not a shopper. Sometimes, I wish I could just have someone to go out and pick out things for me. I'll pay...I just don't want to do the searching. What really needs to happen is I need to be ambushed by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. They could really hook a girl up! That was our date. Fun stuff.

And yes...Jason is as crazy as I am. It's just very-very-very rarely seen.