Saturday, March 7, 2009

Complete Randomness

What a gorgeous weekend! I couldn't have asked for it to have been any better. Of course we didn't do a lot. But you know, sometimes that is completely ok. I was in class most of the day today. When I got home, we stayed outside the majority of the evening. Silas got to ride on the tractor. That was a big deal for him. He loves riding on the blue tractor.

Jonas is doing much better. Most all of his chicken pox are clearing up. I am so amazed at how well he has done. What a little trooper he is!

I'm watching an old episode of Saturday Night Live and literally laughing till it hurts. I love it!!

My house absolutely looks like an F2 tornado has come through. Is anything in its place? may not be that terribly bad, but please. I guess I should get off my tail and straighten this place up. I'm a little ocd about this. I have not been on top of things this week.

In addition to Jonas having the chicken pox, he has this massive cut on his face. I'm sure you'll see it in the pictures. It is right between the eyes!! He was walking, tripped, and hit a table dead on. He does walk like a ninety year old woman...he's learning! Bless his bones...he's had a rough week too.

Oh yeah.......spring forward!! Tonight's the night.