Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chicken Pox?

My baby boy has the chicken pox! Who knew? Jonas started getting "spots" on Sunday. Nothing major, just a couple. He woke up Monday morning with only a couple more. I took him to the babysitter's house and showed them to her. She said it looked like chicken pox. I was thinking that that was clearly not the case. It got a little worse as the day went on. I didn't take him to the babysitters on Tuesday, just in case he did have them. We went to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon, and sure's chicken pox. I stayed home with him today. We had the best time. We didn't do much. He did play in the peace and quiet since I took Silas to the sitter's house. Jonas isn't acting like he is bothered by them. He is doing great!

After getting Silas and coming back home, Jonas was ready for a nap. While he was sleeping, Silas and I got to enjoy the wonderful weather! Wasn't it awesome? Here are our goofy pics! Notice the chocolate on his chin...good times.

I had to take these pictures of Silas! He piled up everything that was inside and decided he would hide! He is an absolute mess. Yes, my hallway is purple and yes,I love it!