Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Business in the front, Party in the back!

My baby boy had a mullet. I guess I was in denial about the issue, but I finally saw the light. Jonas really did have a mullet. It was time he had the party part cut off. I called Kim and asked her to do something to my hair. Since I was going anyway, I decided to bring Joe and let Kim look at it. We were off to P-town. Once we got to the beauty shop, she convinced me that it was a mullet. We decided to cut. He was such a big boy. He did great at first, but got a little unhappy near the end. I did save his cut off hair of course. There wasn't any curl to it at all. It is definitely stick straight. Thanks Kim! Love ya! You're the best.

I was getting a pink streak in my hair. (if you were wondering about the foil) It's not like neon or anything, just a "subtle shade of magenta."

Ok...my hair is a lot darker than what this picture shows. I hope it is anyway. (I like my hair dark.) Super poor lighting, maybe?