Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting Ready for God and the Buffalo

Sunday mornings are absolute chaos around here. I wake up...usually around 7:00ish. Both boys are usually awake by then. Next comes breakfast. I usually just bake cinammon rolls (Thank you Pillsbury). Cinammon rolls are our normal for Sunday mornings. I guess I could actually cook breakfast, but it is like a mad house around here. Well, from 7ish to 9ish it is anyway. I lay out Silas and Jonas's clothes, then I get myself ready. Jason is usually ready first and he gets Silas ready. When I finish, I get Jonas ready. After both boys are's time to pack bags. I have to pack two bags. One filled with diapers, wipes, snacks, and drinks. The other is filled with toys, books, crayons, etc. We absolutely cannot forget "night-night" and "Snuggie". "Night-night" belongs to Silas. It is his green blanket. "Snuggie" belongs to Joe. I'm actually holding Snuggie in the picture of Joe and me. Once we are all decent and bags are packed, we are off. It takes us a little while to get to church. We go to a little church out in the boonies. It's maybe 15-20 minutes away, but we always take a longer route. We have to go by and see the buffalo. Yes, that's right. We look at buffalo every Sunday morning. Silas loves loves loves to watch the buffalo. Needless to say, Sunday mornings are quite a chore. But you just gotta do it.

Check out Snuggie. And yes, my dining room is orange. And yes, I love it! (Goes great with my purple hallway...don't ya think.) :)

This was on the radio while we were buffalo watching. Silas is obsessed with music. He always says, "A yittle youder!" (a little louder) I kid you not. His exact words.

Here it is. My precious little church.